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SchoolHelpDesk brings information technology support to your fingertips. It is a Web-based helpdesk application that is installed on your network. When teachers, school administrators, or other personnel within a school or district experience a technology problem, they submit an online ticket alerting their IT department. IT staff can then review the trouble tickets that come in and assign and schedule necessary fixes. IT departments can also write self-help modules or knowledge base documents to address the most frequent problems that arise, allowing users to resolve many of their own IT problems, greatly reducing time and money spent. Moreover, SchoolHelpDesk is highly customizable, allowing you to establish simple workflow rules that prioritize and manage the IT needs of the employees you support. See our price list page to find out how you can order today!

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Why you need SchoolHelpDesk:

IT support is critical to the smooth operation of any school or district. Resolving a service request quickly and seamlessly increases productivity. Furthermore, with this software, IT staff can write a self-help document about a reported problem, and then the document will be available to teachers and administrators who might have the same problem in the future. SchoolHelpDesk uses an automated process to track IT problems, logs their status, and groups similar problems together so that they can be speedily and easily resolved. The application has a simple-to-understand management dashboard that shows how many tickets are open by department or location, so it is easy to see at a glance what issues need to be resolved. The helpdesk software can also create reports to simplify the process of managing IT issues and maintenance—managers can view or schedule a wide variety of daily reports to be e-mailed to them, such as tickets closed by technician or tickets open by department, or they can receive a matrix report that lists the type of problem (such as hardware or software) and the date that the ticket was submitted, for example.

The SchoolHelpDesk software brings workflow management, incident management, knowledge management, and self-support to your IT help desk. It acts as a single point of access between end users and the IT department, ensuring that you deliver consistent, measurable IT service. With our software, you are able to accomplish more work with fewer resources, saving you countless hours of labor and the substantial expense that this labor incurs.

Just for clarification: helpdesk software,issue tracking,trouble ticket system,support ticket and incident traking are all the same thing.

SchoolHelpDesk is now available with an optional “virtual server.” With this IT solution, we handle all server setup, patching, maintenance, and upgrades and provide all of the necessary hardware and software, and all you need to do is provide your users with an Internet connection and a browser. What’s more, we can typically have you up and running within 72 hours of receipt of your purchase order. (See the price list for more information.)

SchoolHelpDesk offers you:

Usability SchoolHelpDesk is easy to learn, fast, and intuitive. (See the testimonials of some of our customers below.)

Flexibility SchoolHelpDesk can be installed at your school or office (typically only one installation per district is needed), allowing you to control the server cost, or, if you prefer, you can use our economical hosting option, where the program is installed on our virtual server for only $500 more per year. After the software is installed, you choose the information that your users provide and tailor the self-help feature to suit your users and your environment. You can even change the menus, colors, and rules to suit your preferences. But don't worry, we will help you get started, and you always have the option of changing the settings later.

Reliability With 5+ years of helpdesk history, this software product can meet the needs of big schools and districts, but it is equally effective for small schools. Best of all, it is scalable, so unlike many of the other helpdesk solutions out there, SchoolHelpDesk provides a powerful tool to meet your needs now and in the future, no matter how much you grow. Don't let its inexpensive pricing fool you.

Quick return on investment (ROI) With the low annual cost (see our price list for specific cost information), SchoolHelpDesk is extremely affordable. The self-help features allow teachers, administrators, and other staff to resolve their own IT issues much of the time, greatly reducing technical support costs. In fact, once you have your self-help documentation tailored to your users, you can expect 50% of the tickets to be resolved by the user, allowing you to do more with less and making SchoolHelpDesk extremely affordable! And if you depend on outside contractors to resolve IT problems, then the fact that the issues that are reported will be prioritized based on urgency or severity (rather than simply appearing in chronological order) and available in one convenient location so that the support staff can easily see what the problem is, who reported it, how long ago, and so forth will save them time, thereby saving you money.

Additional advantages of SchoolHelpDesk:

Web-based (no client software required)

Scalable (can support dozens or thousands of users)

Browseable and searchable knowledge base and self-help documentation (with optional attachments such as word processor and other documents, video clips, and more) allows users to troubleshoot common technical issues on their own


User accounts are authenticated to Active Directory using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), so that teachers and administrators can use the same login id and password they currently use to log on to the network

Executive/management overview

Collaboration (e-mail, page, or text message tech support staff to alert them of a new ticket or update them on the status of an existing ticket)

Scheduled reporting

Mobile phone support (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)

Asset tracking (helps them manage and track the purchase and disposal of computer hardware and software, and offers hardware and software auditing for Windows-based computers)

Self-help OR Self-serve: The help desk to date has always been self-help driven (meaning that the user would start a ticket by first categorizing their problem and then looking at help on that topic before actually opening a ticket). However, some schools prefer a self-serve option instead. With the self-serve option, your users can simply send an e-mail to a special e-mail account that you set up. The ticket is then added to the database, and an e-mail is sent to the user with instructions on how to login and track the progress of their ticket or update their contact information. To see how this works, with a made up help desk request.

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“I really like this system it is by far the best I've seen..”

Tony Brooks Network Administrator, Athens ISD

“We were looking for an economical ticketing system that fit the needs of a school system. What we found was SchoolHelpDesk, a product that is designed with schools in mind. The product and support has been exceptional!”

Jeff McKinney, Network Supervisor Fairfield City Schools, Ohio

"Very affordable solution to managing help desk efficiently!"

Susie Faccini de Crisp CNG Information Systems Director Bogotá, Colombia

“Using HelpDesk has improved our response times and increased our efficiency. The reports enable us to track and identify trends and recurring issues much faster and easier than with paper work orders. The Self Help feature is great for reducing trivial calls.”

Noah Taylor, Technology Director Canton ISD, Texas

"SchoolHelpDesk has enabled us to automate our tech support and collect data at the same time. We are able to spend more time supporting technology in the district because we are spending much less time on record keeping - the software does that for us. I think the best feature of the software is the Self Help. This allows our teachers to help themselves before they turn in a ticket."

Lee Sleepers, Technology Director Bullard ISD, Texas

"School Help Desk has helped us to organize our work load and to provide a speedy response to all situations to our software and hardware problems. It is a very customizable and affordable Help Desk Solution for our district. Self help enables our teachers to help remedy their own problems and decreases our down time."

Todd and Jerry, Network Administrator and Computer Technician Brownsboro ISD, Texas

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